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Excel Add-in for Macola

We have developed an Excel add-in for Macola and Exact Globe.  The add-in works with all versions of excel from 2010 thru Excel 365.  (Note Excel Online is Not Supported). The add-in is modular and consists of the following functionality:

• Excel to GL - NOW AVAILABLE FOR MACOLA ES and MACOLA 10 and EXACT GLOBE - Load your journal entries directly from Excel to your Macola ES/Macola 10 General Ledger - $1,200 

• Excel to GL for Macola Progression -
Load your journal entries directly from Excel to your Progression General Ledger  -  $1,200

Visit our YouTube Channel for videos of the Gain Focus Excel Add-in Action:


• Forecast Maintenance - Do your Sales Forecast modeling in Excel and when you are done, upload it into Macola's Master Scheduling or MRP modules with one menu click - $1,200

• AP Voucher Upload From Excel - Creates unposted AP vouchers, Updates PO Line info with Receiver, Quantity and Dollars invoiced, All from a simple Excel sheet - $1,500

• Budget Builder - Do your budget modeling in Excel and when you are done, it into Macola's Budget table with one menu click.    NOW AVAILABLE FOR MACOLA ES and MACOLA 10 and EXACT GLOBE    $1,000 

• Cost Updater - Updates the standard cost of purchased items in Macola Progression or Macola ES, from a simple, easy to use excel spreadsheet.  Makes all related journal entries too.      $1,000

• Bom Builder - Export and Import your Bills of Material to and from Macola.  A great way to query your CAD system and get your BOMs out of your CAD system and into Macola!     If you can get it into excel, we'll take it from there.    $1,200


NEW! Bom Builder Plus - All of the features of BOM Builder above, but the parent and component item numbers will be created if they do not already exist.   $2,000

• Quick Inventory - Downloads your inventory tags to Excel for easy updating.   Writes back the count qty and when posted, updates your quantity on hand in Macola Progression or Macola ES, makes all related journal entries, writes to the inventory transaction history table, etc.  It is a snap to cycle count or take a full inventory with this tool.     $1,500


• Inventory Adjustments - Very similar to above, but mimics the effect of an Inventory Quantity Adjustment in Macola rather than using Inventory Tags.   Updates the quantity on hand, will not allow serial/lot or binned items to go negative, makes all related jounal entries, writes to the inventory transaction history table, etc.     $1,200

• AP Check Reconciliation - Loads your cleared checks in Excel format directly to your Macola or Globe Bank Reconciliation Tables.    NOW AVAILABLE FOR Macola ES, Macola 10 or Exact Globe    $1,000 
• Inventory Transfers - Automatically transfers item from Excel using from and to locations.  Makes all journal entries (in the case of different standard costs between locations), updates the average cost and records the transactions in Inventory Transaction History as well - $1,500

• Update/Create Item Vendor Contracts.  Writing to the Macola POITMVND_SQL Table, this tool can optionally update open POs with the new vendor prices as well - $1,500
• GL Account Creation - Progression Only - Creates GL Accounts from Excel, very easy and straightforward process - $1,000 
• Bin Master Creation - Creates Bin Master records and marks the item as a binned item if it is not already flagged as a binned item - $1,500

All these features come with full data validations - you cannot import an item with an invalid product category, for example.  All of these functions have been thoroughly tested using Macola's file validation reports.

All Gain Focus excel add-in modules work with Macola Progression, Macola ES and Macola 10, except where noted.   We also offer these for Exact Globe where noted.

Please give us a call or an email for a free web demo of any of the Gain Focus Excel add-in modules.

You don't see what you are looking for?  We can create it for you, to your specifications.